Secrets of the Sands

Third Session

In the Darkness

- We climb up into an underwater cave. There are purple mushrooms with green glowing spots and Nhobu takes a sample.
- The terrified screams of merfolk echoes around us.
- Nhobu casts Pass Without Trace
- Abruptly, the screaming cuts off and we fear for the worst.
- The presence that Kane has been feeling, which before was like a gentle beckoning in the distance, is now incredibly strong. Seems to indicate that we are in the home/lair of whatever creature/thing is the source.

- Krom leads the way into a cavern, where we find four naga (one a female spellcaster) and three incapacitated merfolk.
- Saidi casts Hypnotic Pattern, charming three of the four naga.
- Krom has a rule about taking out the spellcaster first (and apparently hasn’t attacked us yet because he can’t decide which one is the most threatening). He hits the female naga, snapping her out of her dazed state.
- She summons a huge wave of water that knocks most of the group prone.
- A fifth naga appears from behind us.
- He spears Faylen with a harpoon, tries to drag her toward him. She grabs onto Kane (much to Kane’s disgust) and manages to stay put.
- Apparently, Kane read Faylen’s diary (didn’t know it was wrong?). “She called me creepy.”
- The unhypnotized Naga goes to bite Krom, saying that he will make a good sacrifice for their goddess. Kane says she has dibs.
- Krom flexes the naga’s teeth away and laughs. Kane laughs too. Nhobu is disconcerted.
- The spellcasting naga summons some vines that ensnares Faylen and Kane. Faylen manages to cut herself free and Kane rips them off of her.
- After a good thomping, the fifth naga tries to flee, but is smited by Faylen’s thunder.
- Nhobu sprays poison at the naga attacking Krom. Tries to dart away, but the naga spears them with a harpoon and drags them back.
- Krom cuts down one of the naga, Saidi torches the other one? Krom goes after the spellcaster, who had tried to flee.
- Spellcaster summons a giant water bubble to attack Kane and Faylen.
- Nhobu turns into a bear, crunches the spellcaster. The corrupted flesh makes them start hearing whispers in their head (and it all goes downhill from there).
- Krom cuts down the spellcaster. Nhobu throws up in the corner.

- Try to figure out what’s wrong with the merfolk, but the voices are really messing Nhobu up and they can’t tell what’s wrong. The magic users can’t identify any foul magics.
- We go to interrogate the up-until-now charmed naga.
- Nhobu is Very Concerned about the voices, especially when the naga says “Welcome, sister.”
- Nhobu tries to hit themselves in the head with their staff, fails.
- Krom breaks a corpse over his knee to intimidate the naga.
- Naga says that he serves Ursula, who belongs to a higher power.
- The naga makes the mistake of saying there will be a great fight if we kill him and Krom immediately kills him. Nhobu hears screaming in their head.
- Nhobu fails to notice anything around them, too distracted by the voices. But Kane tells us to MOVE NOW.
- Krom grabs two of the merfolk, slings the third over his neck, and we book it into a side passage.
- Nhobu eats the mushrooms they gathered earlier, in another vain attempt to get the voices to go away. Takes acid damage for their trouble.
- Saidi grabs Nhobu’s hand, drags them along. Kane commands Nhobu to cast their stealth spell again. Nhobu also creates an illusory boulder to help hide us.
- Naga swarm into the main cavern.

- We try to decide what to do. Nhobu and Kane are pretty insistent about finding Ursula and killing her.
- We sneak into a cave full of crystals and a couple more incapacitated merfolk attached to the walls. The crystal feels good to Nhobu and they take some.
- Nhobu discovers a small passage and squeezes through to find more crystals and a couple more incapacitated merfolk. Nhobu has no memory of crossing the cave, but finds themself on the other side. The voices are stronger, beckoning them further, promising that they’ll never be alone again.
- Nhobu emerges into a large cavern where a giant hydra creature rests in the water at the top of a waterfall. She speaks in Nhobu’s head, trying to convince them to join her.

- The rest of the party notices Nhobu is missing, hears them talking in the next cavern over and comes running.
- She is angry to see Krom. Strikes fear into the hearts of Krom, Faylen, and Saidi and they all run away. Tells Kane “you have spoken to another in the depths” and invites her to join. Kane respectfully asks her to die.
- Her snake hair bites Kane.
- Ursula tries again to convince Nhobu to join her, but Nhobu remembers the warmth and their badger family and their loves of the forest and sky and throws an ice knife at her. Does minimal damage.
- Saidi keeps running away, but Faylen goes back, casts Witch Bolt.
- Krom runs back, throws axes at her. He’s raging hard.
- Saidi realizes no one is following her, turns invisible and creeps back.
- Krom cuts off one of the snake heads, two more grow back.
- Kane is bit a lot, passes out.
- Nhobu panics, turns Krom into an elephant.
- Faylen feeds Kane a potion. Kane is surprised to see an elephant.
- Ursula attacks Nhobu multiple times. Nhobu passes out.


Xphile hazelfern

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