Secrets of the Sands

Submerged (Part 1)

Notes For A Second Letter To Lysander

Note scribbled hastily in a journal

Nothing is ever fucking simple. I don’t know if that damn elf didn’t know better, or if he intentionally sent us in blind, but his supposedly easy search-and-retrieve mission went south about ten seconds after we found the underwater ruins. The place was full of big ass sharks, and – I shit you not – ANGRY MERMAIDS, both of them blocking our way. And if that weren’t bad enough, apparently we stepped in the middle of an underwater shitstorm – merfolk gone missing, corrupted by some kind of eldrich horror, and us caught right in the middle, dragged into a fight to save the merfolk captives not twenty minutes after we left the surface. Our best shot at getting into those ruins – and finishing this job and going HOME – is to get on the merfolk’s good side by fixing this problem for them. Our creepy warlock seems to be able to track the source of the corruption – or is, rather unsettlingly, drawn to it – and she’s led us to a cave system patrolled by the corrupted merfolk – ugly, scaly beasts that pack a hell of a punch. The cave, at least, is in a large-seeming air pocket and breathable, but who knows what we’ll find farther in. More to come, unless I’m eaten alive by fish men. – F


Xphile theshannonlewis

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