Secrets of the Sands

Ninth Session

Change of Scenery

- When we wake up, our ship is at the edge of the storm and we’re heading away from Kri
- Vance & Harley tell us that Tehlmar received a message and we’re going to meet up with someone. Possibly to “report progress?”
- Mazoga, Mug, and Lucky are back on Kri (on a different island), trying to do what we couldn’t.
- Tehlmar isn’t pleased with our results.
- Faylen is summoned to Tehlmar’s cabin. He tells her that we’re leaving because he needs to discuss stuff with someone, and didn’t think we were going to succeed.
- Faylen argues that we were earning the trust of the locals
- Tehlmar says we can continue to try when we return to Kri

- We’re heading toward Tortalin. Tehlmar’s contact is another member of the Empire.
- Tehlmar hasn’t been back here for several decades. He says time is short, he’s under pressure for time.
- Our priority is to get information/materials so others can recreate the experiment from the lab on a larger scale.
- The fate of Tehlmar’s position in the Empire depends on this.
- Once Andrathath’s notes are fully deciphered, we’ll send them to the University, and mages will try to put the knowledge to use.
- Sun Empire maintains a tight border
- It’s not our job to capture elementals, we just need to get knowledge and raw materials.
- If we get this stuff, Tehlmar will let us go.
- Faylen tells him about the witch and the assassins. He visibly pales, says he will try to do something about that.
- The witch was head research assistant to Andrathath.
- On Tortalin, we’re supposed to decipher the book, get supplies, maybe recruit more people.
- Krom wants to figure out how to make his skin hard. He works to commune with his elemental and is able to begin to sense metal around him.
- Kane summons a tiny imp under her bed. When she asks it where Nen is, it laughs. She can’t fight the entire ocean. He tells her that Tehlmar is well-known in the Elven community, a high arch mage. He also says that most people thought the witch was dead. Beings are looking for her and we could help them. She has a debt with a creature that is unpaid. Kane asks about Skailron and the imp says he’s been very quiet recently.
- Kane also spends time focusing on her crystal, and is starting to be able to control emotions
- Saidi does a lot of research, messes with the runes. Starts working on crafting a focus.
- Nhobu starts learning the art of persuasion from Faylen
- Faylen does more research, learns that the witch was the genius behind setting up the containment of Nen

- We arrive in Tortalin, and are given a list of supplies
- See an eerie ship pull up beside us. The crew is gone except for one man. He comes aboard and Saidi senses gross stuff surrounding him. His aura radiates coldness. There is an invisible metal presence.
- Tehlmar greets him professionally. Apparently an expedition to the north failed.
- His name is Ebeneezer, and he is a human. Introduces himself to Faylen and Saidi, but not the rest of us.
- They lost the ability to mine amber.

- We go into town (after a lengthy debate about whether or not to listen in on Tehlmar and Ebeneezer’s conversation).
- Krom babysits Kane and Nhobu
- Faylen and Saidi go off to meet Lysander (Saidi keeps Faylen invisible).
- Nhobu notices someone is following them. They duck into an alley: Kane disappears into the shadows, Krom climbs a building, Nhobu turns into a cat.
- Three guys appear, they were trying to get us. They mention that their boss is a dwarf named Bongren.


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