Secrets of the Sands

Twelfth Session

Fighting the forest

- We manage to cross the bridge, though it collapses in the process.
- There is a menacing presence on this side of the river
- Nhobu, as a panther, can hear the creaking of trees but no dangerous animals.
- While Faylen and Saidi are discussing what to do next, Saidi gets pulled into the underbrush
- She was grabbed by a particular tree, a large ent who runs away from us, dragging Saidi along the ground. She sees a green and black aura around it.
- Nhobu sprints after it, gets into the ent’s path to try and slow it. The ent tries to grab Nhobu too, but Nhobu jumps onto its arm and climbs up to its shoulder.
- The ent is corrupted, has open sores on its body.
- Krom throws a hand axe at it, and acid sap sprays from the wound. Saidi manages to avoid it.
- Nhobu shifts back into a gnome, casts flame on their perpetual magic rock, and shoves it into the ent’s mouth.
- Then they turn into a giant constrictor snake and grapple the ent, forcing it to halt. It throws Saidi high into the air, but she slows her descent with feather fall.
- Faylen catches up first, singing her bladesong. She zaps the tree with lightning.
- Kane hits it with eldritch blast
- Krom runs at the bound ent, ramming into it hard and knocking it over.
- Saidi is falling slowly toward a large tree in a clearing.
- The ent digs its roots deep into the ground and stands back up. Nhobu squeezes it harder.
- Faylen channels more lightning
- Kane reaches out to touch the ent’s mind. It speaks druidic. She asks it what it’s doing – “Taking you to mother”
- Kane tells the ent she wants to help, gets directions and walks off toward the ent’s original destination.
- Krom chops at the roots, nimbly dodging the acid that sprays out.
- Saidi lands in the clearing, senses someone behind her. When she looks, she sees a woman, of sorts. Her aura is black and Saidi is terrified. She throws fire at the plant woman, who screams.
- The ent thomps on Nhobu, Nhobu squeezes the ent tighter in kind.
- The plant lady summons vines to restrain Saidi.
- Faylen zaps the ent some more.
- As Kane heads in Saidi’s direction, the trees part for her.
- Krom continues chopping at the ent, takes off one of its arms.
- The plant lady slashes Saidi. Saidi asks who she is, why she’s doing this. The plant lady tells Saidi that she is the ruler of the forest, and that we’ve trespassed.
- The ent finally hits Nhobu hard enough that they fall unconscious, slipping back into gnome form. Then the ent turns them into gnome mush on the ground.
- Faylen circles the ent, heading to help Nhobu without making herself vulnerable to attack.
- Kane enters the clearing. The plant lady had summoned a sapling guard, but Kane talks to it and it lets her pass.
- Kane talks to the plant lady, asks her to let Saidi go. The plant lady says “A life for a life,” we’re killing her ent so we must pay. Kane tells her that the gnome is dead, convinces her to stand down.
- Nhobu stabilizes but is still unconscious.
- Krom finishes off the ent (and retrieves Nhobu’s magic rock).
- Saidi is released, but she’s still terrified.
- Faylen feeds Nhobu their last health potion, they wake up.
- Faylen carries Nhobu and them and Krom head after Kane.
- With creepy mind whispers, Kane orders Nhobu to play dead.
- When we talk to the plant lady, we each hear her in our home language. Nhobu hears badger.
- The plant lady banishes us from her land, and we’re more than happy to go.
- After many hours, we make it out of the jungle (Nhobu has been limp, pretending to be dead, but giving mental directions to Kane – this proves difficult because they can’t see where they’re going)
- We reach the shore, and Nhobu sends a bird with a message to our ship, to bring it here so we can escape the island.
- We make camp on the beach, to get some much needed rest. Bagheera shows up – Mazoga and Lucky draw weapons, but Faylen tells them to stand down. Mazoga is acting really afraid. Bagheera tells Faylen that he felt a disturbance in his kingdom and came to investigate.
- Nhobu is asleep, but having very bad dreams, they’re tossing and turning.
- Faylen hears the creaking of wood when she Messages Mazoga. She mentally prods Krom awake, tells him she thinks Mazoga is corrupted.
- When the plant lady is mentioned, Bagheera gets angry, says the forest is dying because of her. The corruption is spreading through the roots of trees. Killing her will not end the corruption, but that should stop it from spreading further.
- Faylen tells him about the displacer beasts, he comments that the Mad King is falling behind on his duty to keep the corruption from his lands.
- Krom tackles Mazoga to the ground, pinning her and kicking her weapon away. She struggles fiercely, but he is too strong for her.
- Faylen convinces Bagheera not to kill Nhobu, though they are corrupted as well.
- In the morning, Nhobu sees Bagheera watching them from the shadows of the jungle. They understand at this point that they’ve become corrupted again and do not attempt to initiate contact with Bagheera.
- We get back on the ship, and Kane contacts her patron, asking for a vision of where to find the witch. She learns what island the witch is on and convinces Tehlmar to make that our next destination.
- As we sail away from the corrupted island, we see smoke. The jungle is on fire. Nhobu tries to jump into the ocean, with the intention of swimming back and fighting the fire with magical tidal waves, but Krom catches them by their gold collar and won’t let them go. Nhobu hangs by their neck and cries.


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