Secrets of the Sands

Eighth Session

Storm Fight

- We completed the trials!
- Krom is offered half of the rock crab materials
- Rain starts
- Kri didn’t build the temple that Faylen explored. It was there when they arrived, abandoned.
- Faylen wants to know all about the temple.
- Hasn’t seen the statues/architecture before, but has heard of it
- Do the traps reset themselves? The door and the steps do, the trap in the middle (a rolling boulder) does not
- Failing the step puzzle provokes an elemental response telling you you’re wrong.
- Wind puzzle: wind elementals are bound and play there
- Similar temples outside Rockwallow
- Earned people’s respect
- Krom is invited to learn crabsmithing (Kri peoples are curious what an orc thinks of it)
- Kane works on breathing exercises. She can affect others with her emotions. Make people feel paranoia/bravery/fear/passion.
- Saidi asks Kiri about the “absense” in the black rock. Kiri asked her what she saw during the trial. Everyone senses auras different, sight, smell, etc. Kiri asks Saidi to paint someone’s aura.
- Kiri says not to look at the rock’s aura. If you open yourself to it, you could lose part of yourself in it. It absorbs elements and is naturally occurring. Can use against rogue elementals. Shouldn’t be experimented with.
- Nhobu’s rock is not fully made of stone, there are embedded pieces of crystal. Can channel energy through it? Nhobu’s air crystal is curious.
- Rock retains spells cast on it.

- Rain starts coming down hard.
- Go to warn the ship, but Nhobu turns around and everyone is gone! Finds Faylen and Saidi fairly quickly, but Krom and Kane have disappeared.
- Saidi searches for objects she knows they have. Nhobu summons two dire wolves to keep Faylen and Saidi from getting lost.
- A perfect circle hole appears where Kane is and she falls. Six feet deep.
- Krom catches Kane, digs ax into the ground, leverages Kane out.
- Krom hears movement, and an arrow hits his shoulder. Two more whistle past.
- A youngish Kri male charges Krom, but doesn’t manage to knock Krom into the hole.
- Kane blasts him with eldritch magic.
- Nhobu, Faylen, and Saidi get closer, and arrows start coming at them too.
- Faylen casts lightning lure and pulls herself into the tree with the sniper.
- Kane is feeling tired from getting hit by an arrow.
- Nhobu’s wolves attack. Nhobu tries to attack too, with their staff, but fails.
- Minotaur picks Nhobu up and hits the wolf WITH Nhobu. Nhobu loses concentration and the wolves disappear.
- Nhobu turns into a giant snake, finally manages to get out of the minotaur’s grasp.
- Kane insults a minotaur, causing him pain.
- Krom headbutts one of the assassins into unconsciousness.
- Nhobu summon a beam of moonlight, roasts one of the minotaurs. Barely keeps themself from murdering the unconscious one.
- We find a black stone dagger.
- Drag the remaining unconscious minotaur back to town.
- People in the great hall take a visible step back from him.
- Doesn’t have clan markings, his markings indicate that he is working for the Elven witch.
- The black rocks are a gift from Kri, not from the witch (Fafine).
- Kri people can’t protect us from her.
- The assassin was picked from elite fighters.
- Krom asks if stabbing the assassin with the black dagger will end his magic, everyone is horrified at the thought.
- We run back to the ship, start being overcome by a sudden weariness.
- Barely make it on board before blacking out.


Xphile hazelfern

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