Secrets of the Sands

Bushwhacking (Part 2)

Sixth Session


I confess, it’s a bit strange to be writing a letter without constantly looking over my shoulder. I have no illusions that this note won’t be read, but at the very least, I’m going to have to reacquaint myself with the notion that putting pen to paper isn’t, in and of itself, a clandestine endeavor. I’m probably at least a few sheets of parchment away from letting my shoulders relax and posing the usual questions – or even pretending to hope that I’ll get a response. For now, consider the niceties exchanged; I can only hope that you really are well.

It was a tad unsettling, going deeper into the markets of Kri and wandering the many stalls without… well, not without purpose, but with a different one, at least – without goods in hand and a merchant in mind. It’s far more vast than it appears from the outskirts. The patient and carefully veiled disdain of the locals made me feel a bit like a lost child wandering between tents and tables. We didn’t find what we were looking for – it seems the black rock we’re seeking is something of a dirty secret among the Kri, a type of magical contraband, perhaps? There was no sign of it on display, and the merchants we asked carefully skirted the conversation, so it seems unlikely that this leg of our mission will be a simple one.

At the insistence of my small friend, Nhobu, we sought an audience with the island’s tribal elders. Without the presence of a druid in our ranks, I suspect we would have been turned away (at best), but Nhobu’s abilities (and their fathomless inquisitiveness) earned us a relatively warm welcome. The tribal elder, Moana, senses something amiss with Kane – though clearly she means it in a more literal sense than simply Kane’s unnerving presence – and may be able to help her?

But before we’re to be told anything of substance or aided in any real way, we’re to be put to a test, the nature of which is as mysterious as everything else on this island. Something about elemental alignments, and discovering what resonates with us. I’m both wary and excited. The magic here is more akin to Nhobu’s, and in fact the people seem to turn their noses on more arcane studies, but I’m eager to learn what they have to teach, even if the people here have no interest in my own brand of magic. I just hope that whatever test I’m presented with is a genuine one, and not simply a polite way of executing us. I suppose if this is my last letter, you’ll know. Otherwise, perhaps I’ll return home breathing fire and whipping the wind, or somesuch. Who knows?

With all my love,



Xphile theshannonlewis

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